Ideas For Gifting

Help someone you care about see more clearly

  • Save money on frames, lenses, contacts, eye exams, and more
  • Maintain better overall health, including better eye health
  • Detect health issues (such as diabetes or hypertension) years before he or she starts showing symptoms
  • Enjoy the confidence that comes from having clear vision and great eyewear that meets his or her needs

Who can benefit from improved vision?

  • A loved one who’s retired
  • Young students who need glasses or contacts
  • College-age nieces or nephews
  • Young couples or families just starting out
  • Single parents who don’t have benefits through their employer
  • Less fortunate members of the community, parents, or grandparents

When to give the gift of sight?

  • Graduations
  • Birthdays
  • The holidays
  • As community initiatives
  • As part of church or mission activities
  • In conjunction with civic groups
  • Starting high school or middle school
  • As an anonymous gift to someone in need

What happens after I purchase a plan?

  • You will receive a purchase confirmation e-mail
  • Your recipient will receive his or her membership packet via e-mail within 2–3 business days
  • Your recipient can begin using his or her benefits in as soon as five business days

The #1 choice for vision coverage

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I am a low income senior citizen and my nephew got me a free for a year plan. It was great! I had a fantastic eye exam and got brand new glasses that I would not have been able to afford. Thank you so much, VSP.

Sandy H

Our son needed new glasses and currently did not have an eye care plan due to being unemployed. He does amazingly detailed work creating toys, gifts and holiday decorations on a scroll saw for our home based company and was getting headaches and could not work for very long with his old glasses.

Linda S

As a mother and knowing that my son does not have vision insurance, I felt it necessary to purchase the plan for him.

SSherrill Huddleston

I love my own VSP plan, originally came to VSP through an employer benefit, then when company changed vision plans, chose to purchase own VSP separately because it is superior to the one offered. Then went to VSP when my friend needed a vision plan

Lissa R
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