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After Enrollment

Use this site to purchase Individual Vision Plans from VSP. Once you're enrolled in an Individual Vision Plan, rely on our member site vsp.com to review benefits, claims, and billing information.

Post Enrollment Questions

Do I get an ID card with my Individual Vision Plan?
How do I create an account on vsp.com?
How do I find a VSP network doctor?
How soon after I buy an Individual Vision Plan can I use my benefits?
How do I use my Individual Vision Plan?
Where can I learn more about Exclusive Member Extras?
Can I see any doctor on a VSP Individual Vision Plan?
What if I have a question about my payment or want to change dependents on my plan?
Can I purchase insurance for someone else?
How do I renew my Individual Vision Plan?
Where can I find information about my current VSP vision plan through my employer?

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