2017 Eyeglass Trends

The trends for 2017 eyewear have arrived and the winner is clear. Literally. Clear frames are cited on several popular eyewear sites as one of the hottest trends to watch for in the coming year. And that applies equally to both men’s and women’s glasses. Plus, the clear plastic frames are offered in dozens of styles, from thin frames with round lenses to thick and bold frames with a traditional look.

But if clear frames are not your style, don’t worry. Clear is not the only thing that’s in right now (and by the way, all-white frames are also a trendy option). Several popular looks from years’ past are making a comeback. And if you like color, you won’t be left out of the picture, either. 

Here are a few eyeglass styles to watch for: 

  • Tortoise Shell/Horn Rimmed Glasses: Vint & York eyewear calls this style your best option if you want to stay in tune with current eyewear trends. We agree. You’ll find oodles of colors and patterns to choose from. So after a handful of flirtations with the mirror, you should find a pair that looks snappy. 
  • Black Rimmed Glasses: Black is also the new black. Okay, so black is always in. But it’s especially popular during the winter months. Another plus? A pair of black frames always looks great with any black outfit or formal wear. Rectangular black glasses are especially in for men. 
  • Cat Eye Frames: Extend those corners just a bit and you have cat eye frames. Available in solid colors or a multi-color design (see examples at weloveglasses.com), these frames are also purr-fect for those who want to set a new trend. Think of it as another unique way to say you’re a cat person. 
  • Red and Pink Glasses: This is where the color comes in. Nothing makes a statement like the classic boldness of red frames. And other colors like pink and purple also turn heads. If you don’t want to blend in, perhaps this is the trend for you. Oh, we should mention that reds and blues are also hitting it off in men’s frames. 
  • Gold Metal Wireframes: Wait. Haven’t these frames like this been around for decades? Maybe so. But wearing gold always creates a classy look. Aviator frames are also back in style—featuring their vintage-inspired round lenses. An ideal choice for men and women alike. 

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