Top 5 Summer Eyeglass Trends

There is something to be said about the confidence boost people acquire when the summer months arrive. Some might argue it’s the return of bronzed skin from being poolside all day, but we disagree.

Eyeglasses are among the first things people notice about you. The style, color, tint and detail of eyeglasses are more telling than anything you have to say. Why? Because glasses are an extension of our personality. Glasses also have the power to change the way we view ourselves when we are wearing them. Match that with the perfect tan and you are unstoppable! Trends for summer 2018 are bold and unique, so take a risk and branch out into something new.

2017 eyewear trends were bigger, bolder and maybe a little too much for the average person. This year designers have slimmed down the overall look of their frames and adapted a more tailored and compact appearance.

Eyeglass Frame Summer Trend 1: Pop of Color:

Flirty and fun, with a pop of color to match! This summer is all about getting outside, making new friends and trying new things, like new frames! Spice things up and bring some color into your post-winter wardrobe. Although, color isn’t for everyone, be sure to seek out colors that match your skin tone and hair color. Check out this guide for tips on how to pick out the perfect pair for you.

Eyeglass Frame Summer Trend 2: Cat-eye Frames:

Cat-eye frames have always been ranked for women’s glasses, but leading up to 2018, designers of the popular shape noticed minimalism was trending. So, like all good designers do, they took what consumers loved most about the O.G. cat-eye frames and tailored them to perfection to fit into the minimalist category. This adjustment has helped them maintain their placement as a top trend for eyewear this summer.

Eyeglass Frame Summer Trend 3: Transparent Frames: Colorful, Simple, Clear

Acetate frames, also called transparent frames, continue to grow in popularity as summer begins to heat up. Acetate frames come in many different colors, but what they all have in common are the translucent execution and thin framework. Stylish, simple and just quirky enough to set yourself apart from the crowd.

Eyeglass Frame Summer Trend 4: Metal Thin Frames:

Bigger isn’t always better as 2017 has proven. Slimmed down frames are now in and can be designed to fit your face shape. Thin metal frames are a hot commodity this summer with their sculpted and definite lines. They are also light on your face and the cherry on top of any outfit ranging from business meeting at headquarters to a concert-in-the-park date night.

Eyeglass Frame Summer Trend 5: Blue Light Blockers for Digital Eye Strain:

Believe it or not, this is a trend that has nothing to do with style, but everything to do with caring for your eyes … while being stylish at the same time.  People are spending more and more time in front of screens omitting blue light, which can affect vision and sleep. Blue light blockers help reduce the strain placed on your eyes by blue light exposure to ensure healthy vision for years to come. Work with your eye doctor to integrate anti-reflective coatings into your prescription glasses and frames of your choice.

Click here for a list of deals being offered for the eyeglasses styles mentioned above. Happy frames hunting!


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