5 Ways to Conquer Allergy Season

If you suffer from seasonal allergies, you aren’t alone. In fact, 22 million people experience seasonal allergies.

Springtime is here, and allergists predict the 2018 allergy season to be one of the worst. We can thank the heavy snow and rainfall for that. Fear not, there are ways to get ahead and beat allergies to the punch.

  1. Stay Ahead of Allergy Season
    You can ease the impact of allergies by taking medicine before the season begins. When your immune system identifies an allergen and begins to overreact, it’s already too late. This is when your eyes begin to water, itch, hurt, swell, and become red and swollen. If you wait to take medicine once the allergies have already set in, it may not help relieve your symptoms.
  2. Keep Things Clean
    Allergens make their way into the home and build up on flooring and bedsheets. Wash bedding with hot water as often as possible before, during, and after allergy season. If you have wood flooring in your home, avoid sweeping as it will stir up allergens into the air. Instead, resort to mopping. . Wash your face and hair at the end of each day to rid of any pollens that you may have brought inside. This will prevent allergens from transferring to your pillowcase at night.
  3. Plan Ahead for Outdoor Activities
    There are certain times of day when pollen counts are higher  than others. Pollen is most active in the mid-morning and early evening. During these times, stay inside and keep windows and doors closed to keep pollen from coming into your home.
  4. Watch Your Diet
    Unfortunately, even if you have followed all the steps above, you may still be at risk for your allergies to act up. One-third of people with seasonal allergies will have a cross-reaction to certain foods; this is called oral allergy syndrome. This happens when the immune system confuses proteins in food with protein in pollen causing an allergic reaction or causing your symptoms to worsen.
  5. Visit Your Eye Doctor
    Work with your eye doctor to get ahead of allergy season. If you’re concerned that your symptoms may be something more than allergies, inform your eye doctor as it could be a more serious condition. .  Find a VSP network eye doctor and schedule your appointment today.





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