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Is Your Teenager Ready for Contacts?

Category: Contacts 09/21/2017

One eye down. She steadily holds open the second eye to repeat the slightly unnatural feeling of placing a sterile contact lens over her cornea. Bli...

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Contact Lenses and LASIK Surgery: Giving Your Eyes a Breather Before LASIK

Category: Contacts 09/14/2017

If you’re like most people who seek LASIK surgery for permanent vision correction, then you already use prescription glasses or contact lenses...

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Common Eye Problems: Motivating Lazy Eyes for Better Vision

Category: Eye Problems 09/07/2017

Nobody likes to pick up the slack when team members don’t do their share of the work. Or worse, being less successful because of the less-than...

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6 Incredible Facts About Your Eyes

Category: Vision Insurance 09/05/2017

People with great eyesight tend to take it for granted. The percentage of the U.S. population with vision problems is 50 percent and growing, accord...

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Making Contact Part 2: All About Cosmetic Contact Lenses

Category: Contacts 08/31/2017

Were you ever curious what you might look like with brown eyes? Blue? Or even cat eyes for a really good costume party? Ready to try it out? Colored...

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