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Top 5 Vision Problems for Children

Category: Eye Exam 08/24/2017

Humans are visual creatures. Vision constantly presents more information to our brains than any other sense. When it comes to your child’s lea...

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Children’s Eyeglasses: 7 Things You Need to Know

Category: Eyeglasses 08/17/2017

Knowing how to go about your child’s eye and visual health is probably not the most obvious part of parenting. And if your child needs glasses...

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Jokes That'll Make Your Eyes Both Roll and Twinkle

Category: Interactive Fun 08/15/2017

Check out these jokes that are sure to make your eyes both roll and twinkle. Pass 'em on for Tell-A-Joke Day.

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Common Eye Problems: Glaucoma - The Silent Thief of Sight

Category: Eye Problems 08/11/2017

Tunnel vision. Two words used together to figuratively describe short-sighted actions and “one-track minds.” But when it comes to vision...

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Types of Contact Lenses Part 2—About Cosmetic Contacts

Category: Contacts 08/04/2017

Were you ever curious what you might look like with brown eyes? Blue? Or even cat eyes for a really good costume party? Ready to try it out? Colored...

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