What You Need To Know About Eye Care + Aging

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As you age, your vision can change significantly and often rapidly. Everyday tasks, like reading, cooking and driving, can suddenly become very difficult. Keeping tabs on your eye health can ensure that vision problems don’t impact your quality of life.   ­

An annual WellVision Exam is important for evaluating your vision and can detect early signs of other health issues, like diabetes, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration.

Without proper vision insurance, eye exams and eyewear can cost you a pretty penny. Rest assured even after retirement, you can still continue with the VSP Vision Care plan that you know and love. With VSP Direct, you can purchase an individual vision insurance ­plan for as little as $17 per month. Vision coverage includes big savings on eye exams, a dollar allowance for glasses and lens enhancements or contacts, and access to more than 34,000 conveniently located network providers.

Visit vspdirect.com to learn more about VSP Direct vision insurance benefits.