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4 Common Holiday Hazards — Eye Safety During the Holidays

Category: Eye Exam 12/14/2017

The holidays are the best time of the year! But with upcoming ski trips, hanging the house lights, and family gatherings, there are risks other than...

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How to Be 30 and Thriving with Great Eyesight

Category: Eye Exam 10/18/2017

The good news … your eyes are better than those in their 40s. Bad news … you’ll eventually be in your 40s; sorry for the reminde...

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Top 5 Eye Health Issues for Teens

Category: Eye Exam 10/05/2017

The teenage years can be challenging. And because teenagers worry most about friends and plans for the upcoming weekend, eye care is often forgotten...

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Top 5 Vision Problems for Children

Category: Eye Exam 08/24/2017

Humans are visual creatures. Vision constantly presents more information to our brains than any other sense. When it comes to your child’s lea...

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Eye Exam FAQs: Shining New Light on Eye Exams for Kids

Category: Eye Exam 03/21/2017

As a parent, putting your children first is easy. Ensuring their security and wellness just comes naturally. But some aspects of wellness are more o...

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Help Your Children Avoid Eye Injuries

Category: Eye Exam 01/11/2017

There are a lot of ways children can end up with an eye injury. As CNN reported in November 2016, sports-related injuries are most common among kids...

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Why Your Glasses and Contact Lens Prescription Are Not the Same

Category: Eye Exam 11/16/2016

Wear glasses? Wear contacts? Both help your vision, but did you know, each have different prescriptions? If you’ve been to the eye doctor and ...

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Is 20/20 Vision Considered Perfect Vision?

Category: Eye Exam 11/09/2016

   The term 20/20 is used to rate visual acuity (meaning your clarity or sharpness of vision) at a distance of 20 feet. So if you can see c...

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Eye Exam 101: A Quick Look at Eye Charts

Category: Eye Exam 11/02/2016

In the 1800s, Dutch ophthalmologist Herman Snellen had the vision (pun intended) to create an eye chart to help doctors quickly measure the visual a...

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