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The Vision Blog

The Vision Blog provides you with valuable articles about family and individual vision insurance, tips for maintaining good eye health as well as the latest trends in eye care. Visit the Vision Blog often to stay informed about your eye health and vision insurance options.

Specialty Glasses: Giving your eyes the best

You may be well aware of the benefits of your everyday prescription eyeglasses. But did you know there are a number of specialty glasses that could ...

Optimizing Your Eyeglass Experience

   Optimizing Your Eyeglass Experience Getting excited about sporting your new, stylish frames is great. You should feel good about how ...

Avoiding Common Problems with Eyeglasses

Avoiding Common Problems with Eyeglasses Many of us rely on traditional glasses to keep things in focus and while doing our daily activities. Read so...

Tips to Finding the Perfect Eyeglass Frames

Buying a new pair of eyeglasses can be a daunting task. Knowing which types of frames best suit your look before visiting an eye doctor can narrow d...

Popular Myths About Eyeglasses

  Ok, brace yourself: We have some fun facts that are going to blow your mind. You know fortune cookies? Apparently they didn’t come fro...

eyeglasses for near and far sighted vision

eyeglasses for near and far sighted vision