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Eye Health in Your 60s: Top Eye Health Issues

Category: Vision Insurance 12/21/2017

Are we all really fated to have bad eyesight as we get older? Not necessarily. Keep a keen eye on your vision and eye health and maintain crisp visi...

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Why VSP Direct is the Right Insurance for You

Category: Vision Insurance 12/07/2017

You have a beautiful pair of eyes. But they’re fragile. We have the perfect vision insurance to protect them. When deciding on your coverage, ...

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Seeing Retirement in a New Light: Vision Insurance Options

Category: Vision Insurance 10/30/2017

Ahh, retirement. The thing you’ve looked forward to for years is finally here. Bring on the new hobbies, weekend trips with family, and the ri...

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Shortsighted: Overlooking Vision Insurance

Category: Vision Insurance 10/12/2017

There’s no doubt. All five senses are important. But there’s one sense in particular that’s especially important—the ability...

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6 Incredible Facts About Your Eyes

Category: Vision Insurance 09/05/2017

People with great eyesight tend to take it for granted. The percentage of the U.S. population with vision problems is 50 percent and growing, accord...

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Vision Insurance FAQ & Testimonial: When to Use Your Vision Insurance

Category: Vision Insurance 06/22/2017

The best part about vision insurance with VSP is the simplicity. Your plan is about you, and making sure your eyes are healthy. The questions below ...

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Vision boost—applying the right lens enhancements to your prescription glasses

Category: Vision Insurance 05/18/2017

Prescription glasses, like a lot of things in our modern time, have become more and more advanced. The improvements in lens technology have made wea...

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Vision Insurance FAQ & Testimonial: Frame Allowance

Category: Vision Insurance 03/13/2017

Who said vision correction couldn’t be stylish? Getting new glasses is a great way to add to your look and express yourself. There are so many...

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Exclusive Vision Care Savings for VSP Members

Category: Vision Insurance 02/28/2017

When you become a member of VSP® Vision Care not only are you getting great coverage for your eyes, you’re also gaining access to $2,500 i...

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