I care, you care, we all care for eyewear … or at least we should! Glasses are an important (and often expensive) investment, and we owe it to ourselves and our vision to keep them in picture-perfect shape. You probably got a good list of eyewear do’s when you picked up your first pair, but the list of don’ts is just as important, and avoiding these no-nos can keep your glasses like new for years to come:

Don’t dry wipe.

Your eyeglass lenses may have a protective coating, but scratch-resistant doesn’t mean scratch-proof! That’s why you should  never wipe your lenses when they’re dry, as surface debris or dust on your cleaning cloth can take its toll.

Don’t use the hard stuff.

Bleach, vinegar and window cleaner are all no-goes. They can damage your lenses and their protective coatings. Instead, try cleaning your glasses with warm water and a drop of dish detergent.

Don’t spit shine.

Although a time-tested classic in the movies, it’s probably not a good idea to spit on your lenses in real life. Saliva may seem like an easy, go-to cleaning solution, but it can contain oils or other harmful particles that can do damage.

Don’t be abrasive.

Trade in your tissues, paper towels and napkins for a nice microfiber cloth. While good for wiping your chin after biting into a sloppy joe, a napkin (as well as the other aforementioned items) can be pretty rough on your lenses. When looking for a cleaning cloth, just remember: keep it smooth!

Don’t place them sink-side.

Spatter (ew), sprays (double ew) and cosmetics can all soil you lenses, and your average bathroom sink is a hub for all that stuff. Try to keep your glasses in a more … sanitary location when not in use!

Don’t forget to pack a case.

This might seem like commonsense, but you’d be surprised at how many people throw their eyeglasses unprotected into purses, bags and backpacks. Get yourself a hard-shell case that’s the right size for your eyewear and worry no more.

Have any eyewear-care don'ts of your own? Share them in the comments below! If you have any questions about eyewear or paths to healthier eyes and clearer vision, we recommend you schedule an eye exam with a VSP eye doctor. With a VSP Direct vision care plan, you can save on eye exams and glasses.  Check out our vision plan pricing today or call 800.785.0669.

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