How To Fight Eye Allergies

Fighting Eye Allergies In 7 Easy Steps

Allergy season is in full swing, and, many people with eye allergies are scrambling for relief from itchy, irritating symptoms. And to add insult to injury, allergies always seem to be the worst during the warmer months when we crave spending time outdoors.

We’re here to offer you hope for a brighter, more allergy-free summer! Here are 7 tips to fight those pesky eye allergies, so you can focus on enjoying the activities you love.

1. Plan Your Time Outside Carefully

Did you know that allergens are most common in mid morning and early evening? If you are outside during those times, the risk of reaction is much higher.

To fix this problem, stay inside, or take precautions when you go outdoors. This will make staying on top of your eye allergies much simpler.

The best thing you can do for your eyes in the mid-morning and evening is to use added protection. Air conditioning, rather than open windows, and sunglasses will cut down on your exposure to outside allergens.

2. Keep Your Bedding Clean

Even though many allergens are outside, there are still a few in the home. Make sure that your sheets and other bedding are all washed on a regular basis. This will lower your exposure to dust mites and other indoor allergens.

Hot water is a must for dispelling allergens. So make sure to wash your bedding in at least 130-degree water.

3. Choose Mopping Over Sweeping

Sweeping your floor seems innocent enough. However, it can cause your allergies to flare up. When you sweep, allergens are kicked up into the air, increasing your chances of exposure.

A damp mop or floor pad can actually trap allergens safely without dispersing them into the air. This method is a great way to remove allergens from your home, helping keep it as clean and allergy free as possible!

4. Go For Hard Floors

Carpets and rugs can attract allergens and make for difficult cleaning. But hard floors like wood, tile, and even linoleum are much easier to clean. This can help you to keep a handle on the allergens in your home and keep your eyes happy and healthy.

As mentioned above, when you have hard floors, it is easier to remove allergens with a damp pad or mop. That way they never have a chance to cause a problem.

5. Keep Away The Mold

One of the biggest causes of indoor eye allergies is mold. Keeping mold at bay is essential for healthy eyes.

If you are in a climate conducive to mold, or even if you just want to be pro-active, installing a dehumidifier and controlling the temperature in your home will prevent the growth and development of mold.

Did you know that the kitchen and bathroom are both hotspots for mold growth? Be sure to use bleach when you clean these areas to avoid any future problems with mold.

6. Consider Saline Rinses

There are many things you can do to treat your symptoms if allergies have already struck. A good saline rinse can help soothe your eye pain and flush out any allergens. This is a simple and safe solution for eye allergy care, and it will ensure that your eyes are back in top form today!

When rinsing, be sure to tilt your head and rinse from the inner corner of your eye (nose) to the outer. That way you flush all the allergens out without splashing them into your other eye!

7. Use Eye Drops

Eye drops can also help take down the effects of your allergies. Which will keep your eyes smiling and happy. Make sure to avoid decongestant versions and stick to eye drops that contain Ketotifen. These eye drops will decrease irritation and redness, but they don't have the common side effects of other drops.

If eye drops just aren’t cutting it, try refrigerating them. This will produce a soothing cool effect. And give your eyes a break from the troubling burn or itch of seasonal allergies.

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With these simple tips in mind, you are well prepared for the months to come. Make sure to follow up with each of these steps to keep your allergies in check.

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