Is Getting VSP Vision Insurance Worth It?

Your eyes are one of your greatest assets; they are your way to access the many sights of the world. This is why caring for your eyes is so important. Excellent eye care can mean a higher quality of life. Here are three things to consider when deciding whether or not VSP vision insurance is worth it for you or your family.

How much does VSP vision insurance cost?

Having VSP vision insurance is one of the best ways to lower the cost of eye care. But how much is vision insurance, really?

With VSP Individual Vision Plans, you can expect to pay a monthly premium that could be as low as $13 a month, depending on the specific plan. In addition to the monthly premium, you may be required to pay a co-pay, which can be as low as $15 for an eye exam. You’ll enjoy savings on eyeglasses or contacts, as well as have access to savings on other vision services and procedures. 

When you compare the cost of vision insurance with the cost of paying out of pocket, you start to see significant savings.

What are the VSP vision insurance benefits?

One of the most important benefits of vision insurance is that it covers routine exams. Many vision problems and signs of other diseases can be detected at an eye exam. Whether it is farsightedness or astigmatism, an eye exam is crucial to helping you achieve the vision you deserve.

Even if you have perfect vision, several diseases and health conditions can be detected during an eye exam before any other kind of exam. Eye exams can detect the early signs of common health issues such as diabetes or high blood pressure—both of which are crucial to catch early before they become deadly.

Beyond your eye exams, vision insurance from VSP Individual Vision Plans will help with the costs of eyeglasses or contacts. It can also cover many additional services, such as the application of a lens protectant to ensure that your glasses last as long as possible.

VSP Vision Insurance Savings on Glasses, Contacts, and Eye Exams

Without vision insurance, exams, glasses, and contacts can be quite expensive. With the help of VSP Individual Vision Plans, you can care for your eyes without breaking the bank. Your eyes are one of your greatest assets. Don’t put off their health for another day. Make sure your eyes receive the care they deserve by getting vision insurance through VSP Individual Vision Plans.

If you have additional questions about VSP benefits and savings, visit our VSP Individual Vision Plans FAQ page or call our VSP Customer Service team at 800.785.0699. 

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