Making Movember Count


Movember is here and by now the men in your life who participate likely have a full mustache or beard. Movember, which takes place during the month of November, requires participants to grow and groom moustaches for the 30 days. Why the hairy situation? The hope is to help bring awareness to men’s health, specifically awareness about prostate cancer, testicular cancer, poor mental health, and physical inactivity. According to the official Movember website the foundation started with 30 “mo bros” in 2003 and there are now more than 5 million “mo bros” and “mo sistas” supporting the cause.

So in addition to embracing a new facial landscape, what else can you do? Here are few things both men and women can do to keep their health in line:

  • Get a vision exam. Having the correct prescription can help with things like headaches and eye strain. But it doesn’t stop there – a comprehensive eye exam can detect other health issues like diabetes or hypertension. If you’re in need of vision coverage, check out You’ll find affordable plans for you and your family.
  • The Movember movement also encourages folks to take a dive into your family history. Knowing your family’s health history gives you the power to prevent illnesses such as cancer, diabetes, and heart disease.
  • Get out there and move! Whether you like to ride your bike or dance salsa, it doesn’t matter –it’s all good for you. The way you exercise is up to you – it’s about taking the time out of your day to get your heart pumping.

So men, as the beard and moustaches grow, talk to your family and friends about the importance of men’s health. And women, help your “mo bros” out – support the cause and a healthy lifestyle.