Holiday Vision - Safety Tips for Halloween

For one of the most anticipated, exciting, and imaginative holidays, Halloween is also one of the most dangerous. Hospitals all over the U.S. prepare for a night of terror on hallows eve.

Obstructed Vision

According to U.S. News, physicians in the Chicago area state that most accidents occur between 4p.m and 10p.m due to vision obstruction. This is not only for drivers, but for trick-or-treaters as well. Whether the costume contains a mask, low-hanging hat or face paint, amongst the excitement there is plenty of distraction. Consider avoiding costumes that make it hard for your child to see or suggest removing the accessory when crossing residential and busy roads.

Dark Costumes

 Most Halloween costumes, especially those of little children. tend to be of a darker color making it difficult for drivers to see them. Many proactive parents give their children glow-sticks to prevent this from happening. That can unfortunately, backfire. It isn’t uncommon for children to break their glow sticks splashing the liquid into their eyes. U.S News states that Dr. Henry Spiller, director of the Central Ohio Poison Center, estimates 800 children nationwide come in each year with glow-stick related injuries. We suggest a flashlight or a headlamp to accompany anyone venturing out on Halloween.

Decorative Contact Lenses

One of the most common eye-specific injuries during Halloween time is that of decorative contact lenses. While they are a crowd hit at the party they are also a hit to your cornea, not in a good way. Users are at risk of scratching the eye, getting an infection, decreased vision and even blindness while wearing contacts that are not prescribed by a health professional. Not to scare you away from turning your not-so-exciting brown pupil into a venomous snake’s eye, there are other ways to do that … safely. Avoid the over-the-counter contacts and set up an appointment with your physician to get prescribed lenses.

One night is not worth throwing away your great vision. By taking all the mentioned above precautions, a 20/20 Halloween night is in sight.