Pollen Attack: 5 Ways to Survive Seasonal Allergies

Sneezy, stuffy, watery and itchy eyes—no, those aren’t the new names of Snow White’s seven dwarfs, but it’s probably a good indication that heigh ho, it’s off to spring allergies we go!

As winter turns to spring, high levels of pollen, mold, dust, and dander can hit your eyes hard, causing them to get irritated. If you’re a victim of the dreaded seasonal allergies, try not to scratch your eyes and instead give these do-it-yourself remedies a try.

1. Stay indoors. Keep the windows shut in your car and home, especially in the early morning hours when pollination tends to occur.

2. Place a cold compress over your eyes to sooth discomfort.

3. Use artificial tears to flush out any irritants.

4. Wear big eyeglasses or sunglasses to block pollen from your eyes.

5. If you wear contacts, be sure to properly clean your contacts from pollen or consider switching to daily disposable contacts to avoid the build-up of allergens and other debris on your lenses.

When these DIY remedies just aren’t cutting it, it’s time to call in the professionals, your VSP eye doctor!

DID YOU KNOW? Eye doctors can tell if you have a history of allergies just by looking at your eyes during an eye exam.

If your eye allergy symptoms are more severe, you may be a candidate for prescription eye drops. Contact your local VSP in-network doctor if allergy symptoms are prolonged or get worse. Your doctor will be able to determine if what you’re experiencing is caused by seasonal allergies or other irritants.