Vision boost—applying the right lens enhancements to your prescription glasses

Prescription glasses, like a lot of things in our modern time, have become more and more advanced. The improvements in lens technology have made wearing glasses a more practical affair for everyone. But of course, these advancements have not come without their associated costs. Thankfully, VSP Individual Vision Plans has you covered.

What is a lens enhancement?

A lens enhancement is an optional feature for your prescription lenses that’s designed to improve your overall experience with your glasses. Oftentimes, they make wearing glasses for vision correction more precise and comfortable.

Why would I require a lens enhancement if it is optional?

Without even realizing it, many individuals need at least one or two lens enhancements for their lifestyle. For example, impact resistance if you’re active, or UV protection if you frequent the outdoors. Other lens enhancements make for a more consistent visual experience or are even more stylish. Every enhancement has some sort of benefit you may find useful.

What types of lens enhancements are available?

     - Scratch-resistant coating—A clear coating that protects your lenses from visible scratches that reduce your ability to see.

     - Anti-glare coating—Increases light transmission, eliminating ghost images and reducing the amount of light reflected from the lens surface.

     - Impact-resistant lenses—Lenses made from polycarbonate materials that are 10 times stronger than glass and plastic lenses.

     - No-line bifocal (progressive) lenses—Line-free lenses where prescription strength gradually changes from distant to near vision.

     - Light-to-dark (photochromic adaptive) lenses—Light-sensitive lenses that darken and lighten based on the amount of exposure to sunlight.

     - UV protection—A lens treatment that helps absorb the harmful portion of UV light found in sunlight.

     - High-index lenses—Thinner, lighter lenses designed to improve comfort and attractiveness for those with high prescriptions.

Can I save on lens enhancements with my VSP Individual Vision Plan?

Depending on your plan, you’ll either have a maximum amount you pay out of pocket for lens enhancements, or after a set copay is paid, then all or most of the remaining costs will be covered.

What members are saying about the VSP Individual Vision Plan

“My first experience with VSP was through a past employer. I enjoyed the benefits, but knew they'd end when I quit my job. I was SO excited to see that they were offering individual plans, but was initially a little concerned the cost might be too much. I was so happy to see the costs are extremely reasonable, since I already knew I'd be saving money on my glasses. I've saved hundreds of dollars and know that my eye health is in good hands.”

— Linsey S., Black Eagle, Montana

“It has been great to be able to replace my glasses every few years rather than waiting 10+ years when I had no insurance.”

— Linda L., Alexandria, Virginia

“VSP was my insurance when I was fully employed with one employer for 25 years and I was always pleased with the coverage. Upon retirement, when my former employer no longer covered vision, I was delighted to continue coverage with VSP for my family under an individual plan.”

— Evelyn C., Casa Grande, Arizona

Talk with your eye doctor today about the potential benefits of lens enhancements for your prescription glasses. If you don’t have vision insurance, find out how a VSP Individual Vision Plan can help you save on your next eye exam and glasses.