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Retiree “Being retired and on a fixed income, this plan saves me a lot of money.” Deborah A, OH
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Former VSP member “I liked how simple it was to switch from the plan I had with the company I was working for. ” Kent F, AL
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Self-employed workers “So excited to get an eye exam and two new pair of glasses. I am self employed, with no insurance for eye care. ” Doris F, NC
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Couples “My husband and I were able to both get our glasses for half of what we used to. We saved over $200. ” M.L
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Families “I value the low out-of-pocket costs because there are 5 of us in the family and they can add up quickly. ” NY
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Medicare “Most health insurance plans do not cover eye care. VSP supplements health plans for what is needed as one grows older and the eyes start to wear. ” VA
Veterans “I learned about VSP through USAA. I had 100% medical coverage through the VA, but not for vision care. Thank you very much for the affordable eye care. ” OH

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