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What retirees are saying?

“Being retired and on a fixed income, this plan saves me a lot of money.” Deborah A, OH
“Retired and needed vision plan, had VSP for years when employed. VSP has been just as great a program now as when working. ” Barbara, NC
“I recently retired and I decided to keep the same vision plan (VSP) that my employer had. I have had nothing but good experiences with VSP for many years. ” Henrietta R, VA
“I had VPS when I was working , before retirement . Then I was given the opportunity to have this plan again. Made me happy. ” Annette, NC
“My husband retired in 2012 and we had always had a plan with his work. I did some searching and found that VSP was the right fit for my husband and I. ” Mary V, KS
“I had VSP with my employer before I retired, then my doctor's office told me I could get it on my own. ” VA
“I liked how simple it was to switch from the plan I had with the company I was working for. ” Kent F, AL
“I had VSP as part of employer insurance and switched employers, new job did not offer VSP so I got VSP on my own. Its very cost effective and I love the savings at the Doctors. ” Jessie F, TX
“I have been a VSP member for years, I had it when I was working, and I am always satisfied with the savings and long list of eye doctors that accept this insurance. ” Norman H, FL
“I love the fact that I can pay individually for VSP eye care insurance that I was happy with for over 10 years with my previous employer. ” KS
“I have always been extremely satisfied with my VSP coverage, first through my employer, then as an individual policy. ”
“So excited to get an eye exam and two new pair of glasses. I am self employed, with no insurance for eye care. ” Doris F, NC
“I'm a sole proprietor with two children at home. I was finally able to get GOOD glasses which help me in my work and have decreased my headaches. Such a blessing. ” Lani P, CA
“I've never been part of an easy benefits package!!! I can't express enough how much I liked the amount of savings VSP has created for me... and I'm getting the glasses that I need and want!! ” Jevon B, OH
“My husband and I were able to both get our glasses for half of what we used to. We saved over $200. ” M.L
“I did some searching and found that VSP was the right fit for my husband and I.” Mary V, KS
“Before VSP, my wife and I needed glasses desperately but couldn't afford to get them.” TN
“My husband and I went to the eye doctor and walked out with two pairs of glasses – including my husband’s bifocals – for only $54. ” T.M
“VSP helps us so we can both go to the eye doctor for our yearly exam and make any changes to our prescriptions. Thank you VSP. ”
“I value the low out-of-pocket costs because there are 5 of us in the family and they can add up quickly. ” NY
“My daughter is under watch for Glaucoma due to high pressure in her eyes…VSP and her doctor have been great. We don’t know what we would have done without them. ”
“Both of my sons wear glasses and VSP has saved me hundreds of dollars when purchasing glasses for my two boys, especially when I have to replace them more often than I would like. ”
“Over the years my family has saved hundreds of dollars toward the cost of eye exams and glasses, which makes me happy. VSP is a must! ” Brenda B, CA
“Most health insurance plans do not cover eye care. VSP supplements health plans for what is needed as one grows older and the eyes start to wear. ” VA
“I learned about VSP through USAA. I had 100% medical coverage through the VA, but not for vision care. Thank you very much for the affordable eye care. ” OH
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