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Get Year-round Savings

Depending on the eye care service you use, you could save by switching plans. The Enhanced plan helps you save on multiple lens enhancements like progressives, impact resistance and anti-glare. The EasyOptions plan gives you the flexibility to tailor your benefit options to your needs.

Quality care

You’ll get access to personalized care from a VSP network doctor. They’ll take time to get to know you and your eyes and can even help detect early signs of serious health conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

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Why VSP?

  • 1 in 4 Americans have VSP
  • The nation’s largest independent doctor network
  • As a not-for-profit, we reinvest in your care
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All of our plans include these

great features

Largest Doctor Network

Largest Doctor Network

Largest Doctor Network Text

Year-round Enrollment

Year-round Enrollment

Enrollment is open year-round, so you don’t have to wait to get vision coverage. Plus, you can use your benefits as soon as the next business day.

Up to 25% Savings on Lens Enhancements

Up to 25% Savings on Lens Enhancements

Up to 25% Savings on Lens Enhancements Text

Plus, VSP members get these great Members Extras.

Savings on Hearing Aids

Savings on Hearing Aids

As an added value to your plan, save up to 60% on a pair of digital hearing aids through TruHearing®

link to TruHearing pdf

Satisfaction Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you’re not 100% happy with the eye care and eyewear you receive from a VSP network doctor, we’ll make it right.

Free One-Year Warranty

Free One-Year Warranty

All featured frame brands come with a one-year, worry-free warranty when purchased at a Premier Program location.

Exclusive Member Offers

Exclusive Member Offers

You’ll have access to Exclusive Member Extras, like savings and special offers on contact lenses, LASIK, diabetes care, and more, saving you over $3,000.

Charitable giving

As the only national not-for-profit vision company, our commitment to helping people in need receive free eye care is one of the many reasons you can feel good about choosing VSP.

The #1 choice for vision coverage

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It paid for the exam for glasses plus a huge discount on the frames and lenses.

Dwanna A, Mobile, Alabama

VSP was my insurance when I was fully employed with one employer for 25 years and I was always pleased with the coverage. Upon retirement when former employer no longer covered vision, I was delighted to continue coverage with VSP for my family under an individual plan.

Evelyn C, Casa Grande, Arizona

VSP has been a great savings and encouragement to get my annual check-up and stay current on my glasses. For a short time before I retired my employer switched to a different plan that required I visit a different provider where I felt like just a number - one of very many...

Richard M, Austin, Texas

My husband and I were able to both get our glasses for half of what we used to. We saved over $200.

M. Leach,

VSP spells out exactly what they cover, how much they cover and I know I can depend on it.

C. Jeanneret,

My husband and I went to the eye doctor and walked out with two pairs of glasses — including my husband’s bifocals — for only $54.

T. Mummert,
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