VSP Individual Vision Plans FAQ: Contacts


Your allowance depends on which plan you choose. Most plans have a contacts allowance to use towards contact lenses. And as a VSP member, you’ll have access to additional savings and discounts on contact lenses through our Exclusive Member Extras.

An eye exam will evaluate your vision and help detect health conditions such as glaucoma or diabetes. A contact lens fitting and evaluation will ensure the contacts fit properly and do not harm the eyes.

To make the most of your plan benefits, members can get contacts at their VSP network doctor or online at Eyeconic®, where you can easily connect your benefits to receive additional savings.

It's easy to maximize your benefits to get both. If you plan to get glasses and contacts in the same year, use your plan coverage to get your glasses first, then apply the discount on your contact fitting and evaluation to maximize your savings. From then on, you can use the plan allowance the enxt year to get glasses, then the following year to get contacts. You can keep alternating between glasses and contacts year-over-year to see your very best.

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