VSP Individual Vision Plans FAQ: Eye Doctor Network


There’s a high likelihood your doctor is covered. Our network is the largest independent doctor network in the country. So you’ll have plenty of options near you. To know for sure, go to Find a Doctor and enter your ZIP code.

Go to Find a Doctor and pick any doctor you’d like. Tell them you have VSP and they’ll take care of the rest.

No, but you’ll get the most from your benefits when you stay in-network. VSP has the largest independent doctor network in the country so you’re sure to find a practice close by.

Yes, but if you use your plan out-of-network, you may incur higher out of pocket costs and you’ll need to complete a claim form and include any itemized receipts. Out-of-network coverage is not available in Massachusetts and Washington, and coverage varies in Maryland.

With a VSP network doctor, you’ll get a WellVision Exam®—a comprehensive eye exam that only VSP Network Doctors can provide that can aid in the early detection of serious health conditions, like glaucoma, high-blood pressure, and diabetes. Plus, with low copays on your exam and glasses, a frame allowance, and discounts on lens enhancements, your coverage will go further when you see a VSP network doctor. With out-of-network providers, you may only be reimbursed a portion of your out-of-pocket cost.

As a member, you’ll get more and save more through special offers that are exclusive to Premier Program locations. When you purchase your glasses from a doctor who participates in the Premier Program, you’ll get a one-year, worry-free warranty on featured frame brands. You’ll also get access to a wide selection of featured frame brands and performance lenses. Plus, our members who’ve chosen a Premier Program location tell us that they’re more satisfied and more likely to recommend their eye doctor to family and friends.

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