Get a VSP Individual Vision Insurance Plan

Not everybody is able to get vision insurance through their employer, that’s why we designed the VSP Individual Vision Plan for individuals and their families to purchase on their own. Now vision insurance is available, affordable, and accessible anytime during the year – no need to wait for an open enrollment period!

Getting VSP Vision Insurance

Group vision insurance plans have long made vision coverage accessible for some people, but not affordable or realistic for those who do not have an employer. When you enroll in a VSP Individual Vision Plan, you not only safeguard one of your eyes, but you also receive customizable vision coverage based on your individual needs.

What does a VSP Individual Vision Plan Include? 

A VSP Individual Vision Plan can help you save on everything from eye exams to glasses, and even lens enhancements including progressives, scratch resistance, and light-reactive lenses. Generous allowances on frames or contacts are also offered for select plans. Read more about the specific benefits below:

Annual comprehensive eye exams—With VSP Individual and Family Plans, an annual examination of your eyes is completely covered by your plan after a $15 copay. Your eye exam is the most important part of maintaining your vision and the health of your eyes, and even detecting early signs of other chronic health problems, like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Prescription glasses—Every year, you’re eligible for a new pair of prescription frames. This is extremely useful, not just to keep up on the latest fashion trends but also if your vision prescription changes frequently. VSP provides additional discounts on some of the top brands on the market.

Prescription lenses—Now that you’ve got the style you like, it’s time to optimize your vision correction too. The actual prescription lenses of your eyeglasses are covered in full after a $25 copay, although lens enhancements may have additional copay costs. This includes single vision, bi- and trifocals, and even lightweight, impact-resistant polycarbonate lenses. Now you can look and see your best, one of life’s most satisfying combinations.

Contact lenses—Depending on the plan you select, contact lenses are either covered in addition to or instead of your prescription frames. When you choose contacts over glasses, it is even possible to apply your spending limit to the contact lens exam and fitting that would otherwise be an out-of-pocket cost.

Extra savings, discounts, and deals—If you’re not satisfied with one pair of glasses per year, you’ll still receive 20% off all extra pairs of glasses. That includes those designer sunglasses you’ve had your eye on for some time now (we like the classic aviator look). You may have also heard about other lens enhancements, like progressive and transitional lenses and coatings that help prevent glare and scratching. These are all offered to you at a 20–25% discounted rate.

Is a VSP Individual Vision Plan Worth It? 

No matter how you look at it, a VSP Individual Plan gives you the vision insurance you need, while also providing you with optimal flexibility to get the most benefit from your plan. Use your VSP Individual Plan to schedule an eye exam with your doctor. Learn more about how VSP can help you save on your next eye exam or pair of glasses.

Information received through VSP Vision Care's social media channels is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, medical recommendations, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

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Healthy vision association discounts

Some plans can only be accessed through membership in the Healthy Vision Association (HVA), which helps its members see well and stay healthy.

For $1.50/mo, your membership will give you access to exclusive discount programs* on everyday goods and services including:

Plus, your membership supports vision-related charities too.

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