How Do I Care for My Contact Lenses?

Contacts are a great vision correction option for people who prefer not to wear glasses. And while contact lenses are very safe for the most part, there are some key contact lens care items you should know in order to prevent potential damage to your eyes. Here are two commonly asked questions wearing contact lenses.

How Do I Keep My Contact Lenses Clean?

The human eye is a very sensitive organ. Even a small amount of bacteria can impact eye health. So, it is extremely important to keep your contact lenses clean before placing them in your eye and after removing them. Here are a few tips:

1. Use a good contact solution: Find out which contact solution works best for your eyes. Consider experimenting using different brands’ travel sizes or samples to find something that works best for you.

2. Don’t use tap water: Not only does water not clean contact lenses, but it can also dry them out and even cause damage to your eyes.

3. Wash your hands before handling contact lenses: Your hands are the last thing to touch your contact lenses before they enter your eyes. If they are dirty, your eyes will then be dirty.

4. Clean your contact case regularly: When cleaning your case, use contact solution and then let it air dry in a clean environment. After three months, consider replacing your contact case.

How Can I Avoid Problems When Wearing Contact Lenses?

Those who are new to wearing contact lenses may find themselves faced with a few unique challenges while wearing contact lenses. Whether it’s losing one contact lens or eye irritation, it’s easy to be prepared for some foreseeable problems.

1. Aways have a contact case and solution nearby, especially while traveling. Consider keeping a travel size bottle of your favorite contact solution and case at your desk, or in your purse. If you don’t, you could find yourself wearing your contact lenses longer than prescribed which could lead to potential eye damage.

2. Avoid eye irritants. If you know you’re going somewhere with irritating fumes, dust, or other allergens, consider wearing glasses rather than contact lenses.

3. Keep a pair of glasses readily available. You never know when you may need to remove your contacts. Keep a pair of glasses in your current prescription on hand. Learn more about using your VSP vision insurance to save on an extra pair of glasses. 

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