4 Tips to Help Pick the Best Sunglasses to Protect Your Eyes

Sunglasses are the perfect summer fashion accessory, but more than that they are important for healthy vision. Ultraviolet rays from sunlight can cause significant damage to your eyes, and you’re especially at risk if you use certain skin creams or antibiotics, or if you have light colored eyes, like blue, hazel, or green. Children are even more susceptible to UV-related eye damage. Here are 4 tips for selecting the right sunglasses to protect your eyes.

1. Check the labels on your sunglasses.

Check your sunglasses for a consumer-protection label stating they’re 99-100% UV-absorbent or provide UV absorption up to 400 nanometers (nm).

2. Consider bigger frames or wrap-arounds.

Bigger frames and lenses, and also wrap-around styles, give you more UV protection because they block peripheral rays.

3. Choose the right color of lenses.

Gray lenses are a very popular color of sunglass lenses. Why? Gray lenses allow the color of objects to be seen in their purest form. Green and brown lenses are good options to help protect your eyes, too.

4. Consider lens enhancements for your prescription sunglasses.

Lens enhancements can increase your eye comfort when you are wearing your sunglasses. Three lens enhancements to consider are:

  • Photochromic lens enhancements can change the lens color from clear to dark when they’re exposed to sunlight. This can help the wearer avoid having to switch from regular glasses to sunglasses.
  • Anti-reflective coatings cut down on glare by reducing light reflected from the lens surface. Reduced glare can support clearer vision.
  • Polarized lenses block out sunlight glare that bounces off windshields, pavement, and other smooth surfaces. Polarized lenses can help images appear sharper and clearer.

There is still time to enjoy summer with sunglasses that not only look great but protect your eyes as well. Find a VSP eye doctor near you to set up an appointment to discuss what sunglass options are right for you. Save money on your prescription sunglasses or light-to-dark tinted glasses by selecting an affordable VSP vision plan.


Information received through VSP Vision Care's social media channels is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, medical recommendations, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. 

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