Real Stories That Get Clear About Vision Insurance Benefits

Think of the sights in your life that bring a smile to your face — friends, loved ones, the space you’ve made into a home, evening light on a hillside, the smile of a stranger, a well-done show or performance. The list goes on, but will your vision be covered in the times you might need extra care? You might find out that it’s more affordable than you ever imagined!  

Why Vision Insurance? Covering Coverage Gaps 

"When I stopped working, I had no vision insurance, so I went from seeing my eye doctor every year to seeing him when I could afford it.” — Richard, UT 

Richard is someone we can all relate to. Everyone can go through a time when our finances take a turn — that could be job loss, a career change, or retirement. Being able to afford regular eye exams is an important part of your long-term vision health, not to mention overall health. Remember that regular eye exams can detect cataracts or glaucoma, but they can also detect early signs of high blood pressure and diabetes. Both can have serious long-term effects on your holistic health for years to come. 

At VSP, we believe it should be affordable to purchase individual vision insurance, no matter who you are or where your work life stands. Richard was lucky, finding out his assumptions about vision insurance were wrong: 

“I didn’t know I could purchase a VSP on my own and how reasonable it was. Now we’re back to seeing the eye doctor every year." 

Why Vision Insurance? Benefits for Specialty Eyewear Needs 

There’s more to vision insurance than regular checkups. Of course, there is coverage for corrective eyewear and accessories. This can be a huge value if you or someone on your policy has a specialty prescription that might be expensive without insurance. Cindy’s experience is not uncommon: 

“I have had nothing but great experiences with VSP. I have it for myself and my daughter who needs special glasses. I have saved a lot of money on our glasses and my contacts.” — Cindy, NJ 

Why Vision Insurance? The Savings Add Up 

No matter what kind of prescription you have, or how many pairs of eyeglasses or contacts you need for your clear-eyed life, an individual vision plan from VSP can deliver savings each and every year. Here’s one of our members who was delighted to look at how much she was saving through VSP: 

"I’ve had VSP for a number of years. I knew I was saving money but never paid much attention to how much until this last pair of glasses. Between the cost of the exam and the cost of the glasses, I saved around $600." — Elizabeth, GA 

Why Vision Insurance? Because You Are Worth It 

VSP can help people maintain healthy eyes even when times get tough, or when you need something extra to maintain your eyesight. When you’re ready, we have you covered. No matter the season, VSP has is ready with vision insurance options for nearly everyone. Enroll online today and start by finding the right vision insurance plan for you. 

Information received through VSP Vision Care's social media channels is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice, medical recommendations, diagnosis or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.




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