VSP Individual Vision Plans FAQ: Glasses

VSP members can get an Extra $40* to spend on Frames from Calvin Klein, Calvin Klein Jeans, Draper James, Flexon, Lacoste.

*Frame brands and offer subject to change. Only available to VSP members with applicable plan benefits.  Only available at in-network locations. Offer ends August 31, 2024.

You can use your allowance toward ANY frame your in-network doctor carries. Whether you’re looking for classic frames or trendy styles, you’ll find the best selection of frames at your VSP network doctor’s office.
Plus, get an Extra $20 to spend on these featured frame brands:

You’ll find the best selection of frames at your VSP doctor’s office. You can use your allowance toward any frame that your VSP doctor carries. If you prefer to shop online, you can use your prescription at Eyeconic®, which easily connects your benefits and prescription in one convenient shopping location. If you chose to get glasses out-of-network, your coverage will be less, and you’ll most likely have higher out-of-pocket expenses.

Yes. You’ll get 20% savings on any additional glasses or sunglasses, including lens enhancements, from a VSP network doctor within 12 months of your last WellVision Exam®.

The VSP Individual Vision Plan can only be applied towards prescription glasses and sunglasses. However, you can get an additional 20% off an additional pair of glasses and apply that to regular sunglasses.

Our vision plans provide savings on many lens enhancements:

  • Scratch-resistant coating – A clear coating that is less likely to scratch than uncoated lenses.
  • Anti-glare (anti-reflective) coating – A coating that increases a lens’s light transmission. It also reduces the amount of light reflected from the lens surface and eliminates ghost images.
  • Impact-resistant lenses – Lenses built from polycarbonate material, which is up to 10 times stronger than glass or plastic lenses.
  • Progressive (no-line multifocal) lenses – Progressive lenses are line-free, and their prescription strength gradually changes from distance to intermediate to near vision.
  • Light-to-dark (photochromic adaptive) lenses – Light-sensitive lenses that darken when exposed to sunlight and lighten when sun exposure is reduced.
  • UV protection – A lens treatment that absorbs the harmful portion of UV light found in sunlight.
  • High-index lenses – These thinner, lighter lenses are designed to improve comfort and attractiveness for those with high prescriptions.

You don’t have to get both at the same place but be sure to go in-network for your eye exam and glasses to get the best value and maximize your savings. You can also shop for glasses online at Eyeconic®, which easily connects your benefits and prescription in one convenient shopping location.

Healthy vision association discounts

Some plans can only be accessed through membership in the Healthy Vision Association (HVA), which helps its members see well and stay healthy.

For $1.50/mo, your membership will give you access to exclusive discount programs* on everyday goods and services including:

Plus, your membership supports vision-related charities too.

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*All rebates and special offers are subject to change