VSP Individual Vision Plans FAQ: Medicare

Most Medicare plans don’t offer comprehensive routine vision care. VSP Individual Vision Plans provide full-service plans for eye exams, glasses and lens enhancements, or contacts.

VSP Vision Care does not coordinate benefits with Medicare. In other words, you can't use $150 of frame allowance from a VSP plan and add $50 of allowance from a Medicare plan to get a $200 frame fully covered. You would use one plan's benefit or the other. Check your Medicare plan to see if your vision care needs are covered.

Because in many cases Medicare plans (like Original Medicare) do not provide comprehensive vision coverage. If you have a Medicare plan that doesn’t provide comprehensive vision coverage, you can supplement it with a VSP Individual Vision Plan. And if you’re turning 65 this year and are looking for a Medicare plan, know that you can enroll in a VSP Individual Vision Plan in addition to your original Medicare coverage to make sure your eyes stay healthy.

You can enroll any time of year; there's no waiting period for open enrollment.

Yes! One of the benefits of a VSP Individual Vision Plan is it works well with many Medicare plans. You can sign up for one of our plans at any time and start saving on the eye care and eyewear benefits you’ll receive immediately!

Your eyes not only affect how you see, but how you feel, especially as you age. A routine eye exam can detect:

Caring for your vision can lead to a better quality of life, including:

Healthy vision association discounts

Some plans can only be accessed through membership in the Healthy Vision Association (HVA), which helps its members see well and stay healthy.

For $1.50/mo, your membership will give you access to exclusive discount programs* on everyday goods and services including:

Plus, your membership supports vision-related charities too.

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*All rebates and special offers are subject to change