VSP Individual Vision Plans FAQ: Vision Plan Coverage

Your vision plan should cover an annual comprehensive eye exam, frames or contacts, and lens enhancements. Other things to consider are how often you want new glasses and your overall frame allowance. Some plans may highlight low rates, but provide an overall low frame allowance, or don’t provide a lot of savings on lens enhancements (where costs can really add up). Plus, you’ll want to make sure the doctor network includes convenient locations. Read the plan details to ensure you’re getting the right plan for your needs.

A copay is the fixed amount paid by you to the doctor’s office when you visit an eye doctor. Take an eye exam for example; once you pay the exam copay, your plan will pay for the remainder of whatever your doctor charges for an exam. Copays are usually due to the doctor’s office at the time you receive services.

A frame allowance is the amount covered by your insurance for your frames or for lens enhancements. You can use this toward any frame brands carried by your VSP doctor. If you select frames that are more than the allowance covers, you only pay the difference.

A lens enhancement is an added feature to the lenses in your glasses that is intended to improve the quality of your experience with your prescription glasses. They include things like scratch resistance and anti-glare and you may decide on additional lens enhancements that better meets the needs of your eyes. Your eye doctor can advise if a certain lens enhancement would be good with your prescription.

Some vision plans may cover lens enhancements for a small co-pay. Your eye doctor can help you choose the lens enhancements that are right for you and covered by your plan.

A comprehensive eye exam includes numerous tests to evaluate your vision, eye health, and screen for health conditions such as diabetes and high cholesterol. You can also receive a prescription for corrective lenses. A vision screening will only check for potential vision problems and any concerns will usually be referred to an eye doctor.

A vision plan will help you take care of your eyes and save you money at the same time. But vision insurance is more than that. Taking good care of your vision is important to your overall health. During your eye exam, the doctor can detect early signs of serious general health conditions so you can manage them before they become more difficult problems. This can include things like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Healthy vision association discounts

Some plans can only be accessed through membership in the Healthy Vision Association (HVA), which helps its members see well and stay healthy.

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