VSP Individual Vision Plans FAQ: Medical Coverage

Most vision plans provide access to preventative eye exams and corrective eyewear. Your regular health insurance plan may cover health costs if you injure your eyes in an accident or have a health condition that affects your vision.

Most health insurance plans do not cover LASIK as it is an elective surgery. However, VSP Vision Care Members are eligible to save on LASIK procedures through Exclusive Member Extras.

Routine vision exams can help detect health conditions such as diabetes and are also important for monitoring changes in vision. In addition to coverage for eye exams, VSP members also have access to Exclusive Member Extras which provides savings and resources for diabetes-related services.

Healthy vision association discounts

Some plans can only be accessed through membership in the Healthy Vision Association (HVA), which helps its members see well and stay healthy.

For $1.50/mo, your membership will give you access to exclusive discount programs* on everyday goods and services including:

Plus, your membership supports vision-related charities too.

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*All rebates and special offers are subject to change