A Gift For Any Age

Child-only coverage

One in four children has an undiagnosed vision problem that can interfere with learning. Cover your child today.

26 year old ageing-out of your coverage

Keep your son or daughter covered after they age off of your insurance.

Retired parent losing coverage from work

Did your parents retire recently? Help them continue their coverage and keep their vision healthy.

Choose a Plan

Whether they need basic glasses, want to save on their eye exam, or they want designer frames with multiple lens enhancements, we have a plan for your loved one.

No waiting. Period.

Your gift recipient can use their benefits as soon as you’ve enrolled them.


Retiree “My VSP was gifted to me. I was so thankful for the gift but the experience extended way beyond that. The savings, the customer service, the follow up. All excellent. My first year was a gift. I plan on continuing my coverage when it's time to re-enroll. Thank you” Chris, Sacramento, CA
Child aging off of your coverage “Our son needed new glasses and currently did not have an eye care plan due to being unemployed. He does amazingly detailed work creating toys, gifts and holiday decorations on a scroll saw for our home based company and was getting headaches and could not work for very long with his old glasses” Linda S
Child-only coverage “As a mother and knowing that my son does not have vision insurance, I felt it necessary to purchase the plan for him.” Sherrill H, CA