Recently lost your health insurance? We’ve got your vision and dental covered. Learn More
Recently lost your health insurance? We’ve got your vision and dental covered. Learn More

Vision care costs can add up. We can help. Real savings. Great coverage. Not-for-profit vision provider.

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See better. Hear better. Save up to 60% on brand-name hearing aids.


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What retirees are saying?

“Most health insurance plans do not cover eye care. VSP supplements health plans for what is needed as one grows older and the eyes start to wear. ” VA
“Being retired and on a fixed income, this plan saves me a lot of money.” Deborah A, OH
“Retired and needed vision plan, had VSP for years when employed. VSP has been just as great a program now as when working. ” Barbara, NC
“I recently retired and I decided to keep the same vision plan (VSP) that my employer had. I have had nothing but good experiences with VSP for many years. ” Henrietta R, VA
“I had VPS when I was working , before retirement . Then I was given the opportunity to have this plan again. Made me happy. ” Annette, NC
“My husband retired in 2012 and we had always had a plan with his work. I did some searching and found that VSP was the right fit for my husband and I. ” Mary V, KS
“I had VSP with my employer before I retired, then my doctor's office told me I could get it on my own. ” VA
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