Fashionable Frames For 2015

Trends: they are always evolving, molding and blooming to keep even the most seasoned fashion-experts on their toes. With trends affecting everything from clothing to home décor to the way we speak, it’s no wonder glasses frames are also on the ever-changing vogue train.

Freshen up your appearance with fun, fashionable frames that are trending in 2015. With the market’s latest-and-greatest frames, you can wear your glasses with the class and confidence you deserve.

Though it’s helpful to know what type of glasses look best on your face, many of today’s common glasses trends cater to a wide variety of face shapes, hair color and eye color so you don’t have to worry about shopping for minute details. However, understanding the general shape of your face will likely come in handy when deciding what trendy glasses look best on you.

Popular Glasses Frames For Women

In the fashion world, versatility is always trending. So in 2015, many popular glasses achieve a versatile look that can be worn for any occasion and that can be added to any eyewear collection. Below are the top 5 trends of frame design that are making fashion statements across the globe.

  • Bright and Shiny: Just as history repeats itself, so does fashion. Many popular frames in 2015 are designed with the 1990’s in mind: acetate frames, colorful glasses, and bright features. With rims that recall raves and styles that embrace the 90’s spirit, you’ll be turning heads in no time.
  • Fresh and Classic: Channel your inner mermaid and reach for frames with fluid shapes and flowing, water-like colors. Blue-toned and navy frames give a classy finish to long, lean, clean fabrics and outfits and can be worn for any occasion.
  • Throwback and Cat-eye: Throw fashion way back to the 50’s and 60’s and shop for a pair of cat eye glasses or frames with upswept temples. This charming design makes a feminine statement while remaining bold and beautiful.
  • Urban and Edgy: Add a cool, city look to your eyewear collection with traditional frame shapes that have crisp patters and ribbons of color flowing through the design. These glasses can give any tailored, polished look that extra edge you’ve been wanting.
  • Military and Mossy: Perfect for individuals with a bright, vibrant wardrobe, frames with military-esque designs and army green or mossy colors are a must. This mellow color palate accentuates and highlights brilliant hues in your outfit and has the versatility to look stunning with any fabric.

Popular Glasses Frames For Men

With the eyeglasses population consisting for more than 42 percent male, it’s important to reflect on the changing trends for men’s eyewear. Though trends in male-driven frames might evolve less frequently than women’s, changes in 2015 are rather drastic from 2014 models, and should be brought to light.

  • Style: In the past, thick, heavy frames have been all the rage. However, that was the past. Upgrade your style with light, soft metal frames and avoid reaching for that plastic pair that projects a bold appearance. When selecting your next pair of glasses, try on slender frames that don’t shadow or hide your eyes.
  • Shape: Blocky, square and chunky shapes are a thing of the past. Stick with a medium-to-small, soft, round frame and stay away from those square or rectangle frames with harsh lines.
  • Color: Considering that plastic frames are now outdated, it’s safe to assume that our trending color palate has undergone some changes as well. Avoid black, brown or other neutral colors and choose something with a little color like green, blue, burgundy, gold or silver.
  • Elements: In 2015, mixed, contrasting elements are very stylish. Keep your eye out for frames with polished metals and matted layers of opaque acetates, or visa versa: matted frames with polished acetates.

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