Why Is Vision Insurance So Affordable?

Your vision is one of your most important assets. That’s why it’s important to protect your eye health and save with vision insurance. You might have believed that good vision coverage is expensive, but there’s great news: Vision insurance plans have flexible options with surprising affordability. Especially with rising health care costs, you might ask yourself how vision insurance can be so cheap while giving you enough coverage. Today, we’re taking a deeper look at vision plans and why they are designed to be so cost-effective.

Only Pay for the Vision Services You Need

Everyone has different needs, so why make everyone stick with the same plan? VSP Individual Vision Plan flexibility is one of the most convenient factors of vision insurance.  There are multiple affordable plans available so you only have to pay for the coverage you need. With VSP, affordability does not mean inferior insurance coverage. It means that you only have to pay for what you need. VSP’s most affordable plans still cover important eye health services, so you know you are protected.

No Gimmicks

Sometimes the fine print of medical insurance can leave us feeling frustrated. At VSP, vision plans are straightforward. You can see all of the details upfront to make an informed choice. We tell you before you enroll how much you’re paying per month, what your copay is and what we cover. You can even find out before you enroll how much money you can save with your vision plan using our online vision savings calculator.

It’s Not Just Vision Correction

Vision insurance does more than just help you fund your next pair of glasses or contacts, it’s about keeping your eyes healthy too. Annual vision screenings can also detect potential long-term vision issues like glaucoma. Your eyes can also show early signs of health issues such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Easy Vision Claims Process

At VSP, we try to make your experience as easy as possible from enrollment to claims and everything in between. Just because it’s affordable does not mean we’re cutting corners on your service experience.

Plenty of Network Providers to Choose From

Affordable rates does not mean limited providers either. In fact, the opposite is true. VSP is accepted by over 33,000 doctors nationwide. That’s the largest independent doctor network in the country! VSP even has VSP Premier program providers that can help you save more frames and contact lenses. VSP vision insurance offers more, often right in your neighborhood or the places you visit every day.

Comprehensive Eye Exam

A comprehensive annual eye exam is one of the most important things your vision insurance should cover. That’s why all VSP network doctors perform a WellVision Exam, which not only evaluates your vision, but also checks for signes fo other health conditions. Making sure your vision is properly and adequately tested is not only important for you, it’s important to us.

Glasses Frames and Contacts Brand Selection

Affordable vision coverage does not limit your brand options. With allowances for frames or contact lenses, you can choose the style that suits your personality and budget with ease. Most major frames and contact lens brands have a portion of their cost covered by vision insurance, including VSP. That means you’ll never have to sacrifice your style to fit into the constraints of your vision coverage.

The Bottom Line

The reason vision insurance is affordable is so you’ll use it. We want you to see clearly today and for years to come. Having annual vision exams and up-to-date corrective prescriptions keeps your eyes healthy and makes sure you are able to do everything you want to do. By making vision plans affordable, we’re making it easier for you to get the care you need. 

Get Vision Insurance That Covers So Much for So Little

Seeing your world with clear vision is important, no matter how you choose to sharpen your view. VSP Individual Vision Plans have prescription glasses and contact lens allowances so you can correct your vision in the way that suits you best. 

Is vision insurance worth it, beyond glasses or contacts? When it comes to total eye health, absolutely. VSP has everything for complete vision health, from vision correction allowances, preventive health screenings, annual eye exams and more. And with providers across the country, it’s easy to find a location near you.


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