5 Summer Glasses Frame Options

Summertime means vacation time, patio-dining in the evening with friends and family, and updating your “what to wear” outdoor wardrobe from slacks to shorts.  Summer also means you’ll be looking for classic, sizzling summer glasses frames. Here’s what’s “hot” in summer eyeglass frames: 

‘70s Oversized Glasses

5 Summer Glasses Frame Options

Say “hello” to ‘70s styled frames with oversize square shapes that are being affectionately called “grandma-chic” by some. For glasses frames, it's hip to be square this summer! Look for bold, glamorous glasses in various shapes and sizes at Eyeconic.

Dusty Pink Glasses

5 Summer Glasses Frame Options

Looking to stand out this summer? Dusty pink frames are a neutral hue that reigns supreme. The warmth of the hue captures the warmth of summer. This distinctive color will ensure that you stand out when you walk into a room.

Tortoise Shell Glasses

5 Summer Glasses Frame Options

Forget about plain black and brown tortoise shell eyeglasses frames! Find summer eyeglass frames have that “flash of sass” that go hand in hand with summer adventuring. Look for tortoise shell frames in blush, berry, and even blue tortoise shell to boot!

Vintage Nude Frames in Light Brown, Beige, and Caramel

5 Summer Glasses Frame Options

If bursts of bright colors are not your style, the vintage nude frames in light brown, beige and caramel are sure to make your style cut. Amber, honey toned frames with an oval shape are versatile and match nearly any summer outfit. If you go with a nude-colored eyeglass frame, be sure to find the hue that best compliments the glowing undertones of your skin.

Updated Aviators Glasses

5 Summer Glasses Frame Options


Aviator frames are no longer for sunglasses only. Consider aviator glasses frames in the traditional metal frame shades, but think frames in purples, reds, greens, and light blues. Aviator frame lovers will find their perfect pair of aviators for summer, whether they stay with a more traditional aviator eyeglass frame or push boundaries with a red-hot set of colorful aviators.

As you can see, you have a lot of choices for updating your summer look with eyeglass frames. If you’re ready to update your look with new frames, a VSP Individual Vision Plan can help you save on everything from the eye exam, frames, and even provide discounts on lens enhancements. Find a VSP vision insurance plan today.

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