What You Need To Know About Eye Exams

Your first eye exam can be intimidating. But by staying informed, you can know exactly what to expect and have a comfortable experience. If you are going to your first eye exam, you may find yourself nervous or anxious. That’s normal! Learning a little about the experience before you go can help you feel more prepared and have a much less stressful time at the eye doctor.

That is where we step in. The experts at VSP Individual Vision Plans want to help you feel more comfortable at your first eye exam, wherever your new vision insurance will direct you. So give yourself a break and read through this quick explanation of what to expect at your next eye exam.

What Are Eye Exams?

First off, you simply need to understand what exactly an eye exam is. Much like any other doctor’s appointment, an eye exam is simply a way to check on your health. And, of course, unlike other doctor’s examinations, this exam will focus on your vision and the general health of your eyes.

Knowing this much should help you to feel more comfortable in the situation. You just need to understand that your eye doctor is looking out for you and your vision. Your optometrist will most likely run a series of tests to help you decide if you need a visual aid, and will also help you find the best aid for your eyes.

You may be asked to read a traditional eye chart, have a bit of air blown into your eye, or be fitted for the right lenses and prescription. Whatever the exam entails, know that your eyes are important and that your doctor is trying to help you get the best service possible.

When Should I Go Get an Eye Exam?

Because your ability to see can change at a relatively rapid pace, it is a good idea to visit the eye doctor about once a year for a regular checkup. If, however, you find yourself experiencing changes in your vision or an increase in headaches, it may be a good idea to go in sooner than your next scheduled exam.

Staying on top of changes in your vision will help you protect your eyes and maximize your sight for as long as possible.

How Much Is An Eye Exam?

Eye exams can be rather expensive, especially if you decide to opt for additional visual health screenings. Many eye doctors offer services to check on your eye health in addition to purely checking on your vision, which can be extremely important to keeping your eyes in top form.

Glasses or contacts are generally not included in the costs of your examination, so if you do end up needing a visual aid, that can lead to a bit more spending. This is especially true if you want top-of-the-line frames.

How Can I Save Money On My Vision Care?

Although vision care can be very expensive, you can save yourself a lot of money and stress by simply investing in vision insurance from VSP Individual Vision Plans. With vision insurance, you will save money on your exams and any vision correction that you may need.

Your vision is an important part of your successful future, so contact VSP Individual Vision Plans today and choose the vision insurance plan that is right for you!

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