What to know now that you have VSP vision insurance Part 2

Now that you have read part one of our VSP vision insurance frequently-asked-questions, you may have additional questions about coverage. In-network eye doctors versus out-of-network? Where can I buy eyeglasses and contacts?  Here is part two of our frequently-asked-questions about VSP vision insurance. 

Who is my vision insurance provider?

If you choose a plan with VSP vision insurance, then VSP is your insurance provider. 

Who takes VSP vision insurance?

Eye doctors and eye care professionals within VSP’s provider network. With the nation’s largest network of independent doctors, there’s always an optometrist nearby. Don’t believe it? Take a look in your area: 

Where can I find a full list of vision care providers?

Search VSP’s provider network to find an eye doctor close to you: https://www.vsp.com/find-eye-doctors.html

What is the difference between in-network providers and out-of-network providers?

An in-network provider is an eye doctor that has met VSP’s requirements for quality of service and accepted specific rates negotiated by VSP to save you money on your services. An out-of-network provider does not have the same discounted rates for their services. You will typically pay much less going to a VSP network doctor. 

How do I submit a claim for an out-of-network provider reimbursement?

If you choose to see an out-of-network provider, your coverage will be less than when you see a VSP network doctor. For more details, please call Member Services at 1.800.877.7195. 

Can I get my eye exam at one location and the glasses at another?

Yes. You just need to make sure to have the optometrist who performs your eye exam provide you with your eye health records and a prescription for you to take to the location where you’d like to purchase your eyewear. 

Can I use VSP vision insurance to buy contacts online?

Yes, but first you should have a fitting and evaluation with your eye doctor and you’ll need your current prescription. Your eyes change over time, including size and shape, so do not assume your old prescription and fitting are still best for your eyes. Generally, it’s a good idea to know how your eyes respond to specific brands of contact lenses beforehand. Therefore, ordering online is best suited for reordering contacts you already trust and feel comfortable with. 

Can I use VSP to buy glasses online? 

If you do prefer to shop online, you can visit Eyeconic.com, which seamlessly connects your eyewear, your VSP insurance coverage, and your eye doctor’s expertise. Plus, you’ll enjoy a wide selection of stylish frames and lens enhancements to choose from. 

Can I use 1-800 CONTACTS to order contacts?

Yes, but the benefits will be out-of-network, requiring a separate, additional claims step. 1-800 CONTACTS provides this specific information on their website: “We are also accepted as an out-of-network provider by most major insurance companies, such as VSP.... You can simply purchase your contacts (online or by phone) and complete the out of network form (click here to download), then submit both the invoice from your order and the completed form to your insurance company for reimbursement. It's that easy."  To get the most out of your vision insurance benefits, and avoid filing any claims, we recommend getting your contacts online at Eyeconic.com, where VSP members have access to additional discounts and savings.

Which vision insurance does Costco accept? 

Costco accepts most vision insurance plans, including VSP. However, your allowance may differ.     

Which vision insurance does Walmart accept?

Walmart is an out-of-network provider for VSP. If you have an out-of-network benefit included in your plan, then for reimbursement simply submit your itemized receipt from your order along with a VSP out-of-network reimbursement form to VSP. 

Is LASIK also covered by my plan?

If you’ve been itching to correct one or both of your eyes with laser eye surgery, then look no further than VSP. Through your vision plan, you’ll have access to Exclusive Member Extras which includes savings on LASIK. You’ll receive around a 15% discount on your surgery. That could be as much as $500 in savings. 

Can my vision insurance be used for sunglasses?

Yes! Every VSP plan has a set frame allowance that you may put towards new prescription eyeglasses, contact lenses, and even prescription sunglasses. Additionally, even if you’ve already exceeded your frame allowance for the year, when you purchase a new pair of sunglasses you’ll receive a 20% discount. And this discount applies to any number of additional sun- or eyeglasses. Amazing, right? 

Are prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses tax deductible?

According to form 104, Schedule A from the IRS, prescription eyeglasses and contact lenses may be claimed as itemized deductions on your taxes, because they qualify as medical expenses. Contact lens cleaners and saline solutions are also on this list, along with a large number of other medical-related items. To reach the required 10% AGI mentioned in the previous question, it’s advised to count as many medical expenses as possible, just be sure to verify them against the IRS’s list. To ensure that you are following your state's tax laws, it would be best to check with a CPA who can advise you on this type of deduction. 

Hopefully, you feel much more equipped to get the most out of your plan’s benefits and discounts to keep your vision clear and eyes healthy, but if you still have questions about your plan, then you can speak directly with our knowledgeable customer service team at 800.785.0699. Our service center is open Monday through Friday from 7a.m. to 7p.m. Central Time. We’re happy to do what we can to help you get even more from your VSP vision insurance!

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