3 Tips for Great Eye in Health In 2021

2020 has been full of surprises. We’ve all had to put up with new challenges and put off many typical tasks and pleasures. There’s just no doubt, it has been a tough year for all of us. But with 2021 right around the corner, it’s time to act. It’s time to view your New Year’s resolutions in a higher resolution. It’s time to make 2021 more than just the year of the Ox. It’s time to make 2021 the year of Great Eye Health. And VSP will show you how.

Cover your bases (and your eyes): Enroll in a vision insurance plan   

If you have spent all of 2020 without any form of vision insurance, then now is a sensible time to consider enrolling. Not only is it possible to enroll in a VSP vision insurance plan at any time of the year (unlike its health insurance counterparts), but VSP has some of the best vision insurance around. 

What are vision insurance benefits you may ask?  âœ… 

Well, first of all,  Your eyes and your vision are constantly changing, especially as you age. Even if you had sharp, pristine vision as a young lad or lass, it is possible for your eyesight to falter with time. More importantly though, there are so many people out there that have no idea that they are viewing the world with vision that is a notch or two blurrier than they can realize on their own. With vision insurance, you will have an optometrist closely inspect your eyes at least once per year. Who knows? You may find out that you were never seeing the leaves on the trees in your backyard as well as you thought you were. 

Additionally, should you find out that you do in fact need prescription eyeglasses or contacts for the first time, then your plan will help cover the costs of those purchases. Quite the impressive value for what it costs to get covered. And now you can see the details of those leaves for little to no additional out-of-pocket costs to you. 

Once you have vision coverage, don’t wait—get an eye exam! ✅ 

Now that you have the plan in place, don’t hesitate to use it. Schedule your first comprehensive eye exam for some time in the first quarter of 2021. Not sure where to find an eye doctor near you? VSP has a great Find an eye doctor tool established just for this purpose. It’s as easy as typing in your ZIP code to see a full plethora of highly qualified and highly rated doctors in your area. And with the largest nationwide doctor network available, there is bound to be a doctor that is not only conveniently located nearby, but properly equipped to meet your vision and eye health needs. 

Don’t forget to write the appointment in your calendar. There is nothing worse than forgetting an appointment, especially one that aims at benefiting your vision and your health.

 For first timers, your comprehensive eye exam will include much more than a simple visual acuity test—that is, the classic Snellen chart test, where you are asked to read descending lines of text that decrease in size. No, they will check a full battery of things related to your eye health, like eye pressure, eye alignment, depth perception, eye muscle and motor function, lens shape and clarity, color vision, and so on.

 They will even use a very fine white light combined with a magnifying lens to view your retinas carefully. This is the particularly sensitive part of the eye that is responsible for transmitting the images you see to your brain. If your eye doctor notices abnormalities there, that could mean changes to your vision or even to your overall physical health. 

Believe it or not, eye doctors are oftentimes identifying signs of chronic health conditions right at their onset, before a primary care physician does. This is because the blood vessels at the backs of your eyes are sensitive to many of the changes occurring in other parts of your body. 

Got a prescription? Get fashionable. ✅ 

Now that your optometrist has identified the source of the problem and has likely given you some helpful advice to prevent further vision changes or harm to your eyes, he or she may give you a prescription tailored exactly to your shimmering corneas, irises, and pupils. Do you know what that means? It is time to find the perfect pair of new glasses. 

Using your plan’s frame allowance, you have the chance to shop around for some of the finest and most stylish brands. In some cases, you will even receive additional savings on some select designer frames. Savings are also commonplace when you choose to make your purchase directly through your eye doctor and online with Eyeconic if you’re looking to avoid finding a parking spot, traffic, or crowds at malls and shopping centers. 

Consultation can be important though, to make sure your lenses fit properly in the frames and that the frames support the lenses adequately on your face. Form and function are key. You want your glasses to be comfortable and stylish, while at the same time correcting your vision exactly as prescribed by your doctor. 

Nevertheless, do not be shy about trying on different shapes, colors, sizes, and styles. Finding the right pair can be a fun process. 

Relish in the fruits of your labor: great vision. ✅ 

You have been resolute with your eye health-related resolutions, and because of your dedication, you have the great vision to prove it! So now, you can look to the future with clarity knowing you’re looking and seeing great! Happy 2021, everyone! VSP wishes you a wonderful start to the new year. 

If you don’t have vision insurance, find out how VSP Individual Vision plans can help you save on your next eye exam or pair of glasses. To discover the best vision insurance, you don’t need to look further than VSP.

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